Steve Angello's wife tells all of the nanny-lawsuit: "We haven't told the kids"

In an exclusive interview with Hänt reporter Johanna Bladh, Isabel tells her side of the story, speaking up for the first time since the incident.

When Swedish House Mafia frontman Steve Angello and his wife Isabel Adrian were sued by their former nanny it quickly became global news.

The Nanny claimed the couple had ”treated her like cattle” before firing her. Angello, however, insists she was fired for consuming alcohol while caring for their two daughters.

– It pains me that our children had to go through this. That they are forced to grow up reading about how the nanny they loved was trying to hurt our family.

In an interview with TMZ the nanny confessed to having had a beer while caring for the children. Still, the parents have refrained from telling the little girls the real reason for her dismissal.

– I don’t want to smear her name in front of our kids. What’s the point? Telling them that she had to leave because she was drinking at work doesn’t teach them anything. It’s just idiotic. Their impression and their memories of her are good, and they will stay that way. It doesn’t do the kids any good if I start dragging her name through the mud in front of them. That’s not the kind of person I am, Isabel explains before adding:

– Besides, they’re only five and seven years old.

Over the course of six months the nanny worked a total of 20 hours a week. But that was enough for the children to grow very fond of her. To soften the blow of her leaving Isabel and Steve decided not to tell their children the real reason for the nanny’s sudden departure.

– We told them she was going back home, nothing more. They were sad to see her go, but they have moved on now.

Det här inlägget från Instagram går inte att visa just nu. (E01)

In her lawsuit the former nanny claims the couple forced her to work 24/7 during her first weeks in Sweden. She also claims that she lived with the children in a hotel room meant for one person, accusations which Isabel denies.

– Whenever we hire someone to work for our family, we make them a part of our family. If we have a hotel suite, they have one as well.

As of yet the lawsuit hasn’t been issued a court date.

– It hasn’t gone any further because she admitted to drinking on the job herself when she did the interview with TMZ, says Isabel.

And while these have been trying times for her and her family, she is still thankful.

– It could’ve been a lot worse. She could’ve been drinking while driving and killed my kids.

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By Linnéa Geijer and Johanna Bladh